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Why pay high Monthly bills and there’s still nothing on? 

Traditional ways of watching TV are dying and streaming is the new way we watch TV.

Streaming Television has created opportunities for black people to be seen in honest and truthful ways that are positive, uplifting and free of negative stereotypes.

This is why Millions of of people watch the largest black TV streaming Platform. Black on Purpose Television Network – BOP TV Bop TV is available worldwide. 

You can watch us on the web via laptop, desktop or mobile device, via OTT/connected devices like Roku TV, Amazon Fire Stick, and more! 

In fact, more than a dozen devices support BOP TV as a premium channel. 

The 24 channel lineup of films, TV shows, News, Sports and more are positive stories you won’t see on mainstream television. Since 2013, Black on Purpose Television Network has defined itself as the leader in streaming black TV. 

How many people watch BOP TV? 

With a potential reach of 70+ Million people around the world, BOP TV has partnered with both major brands and small businesses that advertise on BOP TV and you can too! 

We are more than a TV Network! We have a mission of growing communities and creating opportunities. With thousands of films and TV shows to choose from, BOP TV is the king of Black content. 

Many try to copy but there is only one Black on Purpose Television Network!

Now we have a TV network with a positive mission that grows our community throughout the world… 

Black on Purpose Television Network. 

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Bop TV Network


Amazon Verified Purchasers

"Excellent presentations of African-American history and culture."

"Awesome Network and thank you for countering the negative characterization of African-Americans.

" Thank you for capturing a wider perspective of our viewpoints on various topics that certainly has our attention... culture, family, health, business,travel...


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