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168 Million Will Watch Connected TV in the US This Year... Rapid growth continues

The use of connected TV devices continues on a sharp upward path, with another year of double-digit growth in the US.

In total, 168.1 million people in the US will use an internet-connected TV this year, up 10.1% over 2016. Usage of smart TVs, which have connectivity built in and need no secondary device, are the largest single subgroup within the category.

Smart TV users will make up nearly half of all connected TV viewers, with 81.2 million users in 2017. That’s a sharp 30.8% increase over 2017 levels.

In fact, the growth of smart TV usage has led eMarketer to downwardly revise its latest forecast of total connected TV viewers.

“Essentially, more people are buying smart TVs than previously anticipated, which holds back demand for third-party connectivity devices,” said Paul Verna, principal video analyst at eMarketer.

Growth in usage of connected-TV devices remains robust, nevertheless. eMarketer estimates that 38.9 million Americans will use a Roku device at least once a month, up 19.3% vs. 2016. As a result, the device will capture 23.1% of all connected TV users.

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The Streaming market reach is tremendous

Chromecast, which will have 36.9 million users this year, equating to 22.0% of connected TV users. Meanwhile, Amazon Fire TV will have 35.8 million users in 2017, or 21.3% of connected TV users. A distant fourth among the streaming devices is Apple TV, which will have 21.3 million users this year, equivalent to 12.7% of US connected TV users.

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Global ad spending is projected to rise faster than previously expected, growing 7.2% in 2016 to $550.51 billion, eMarketer predicts. The lift is largely due to increased digital advertising activity, as well as greater spending related to the US presidential election and the Summer Olympics in Rio. Ad spending growth will hover between 5% and 9% each year of the forecast, with total spending climbing to $724.06 billion in 2020. Strong demand for digital advertising, particularly mobile, will be the main driver of spending increases.
The top five advertising markets worldwide—the US, China, Japan, UK and Germany—will continue to dominate in 2016 and the following forecast years. The US will lead with nearly $196 billion in total media ad spending this year—nearly 36% of the global total.
Digital ad spending (including mobile) will increase by 20.3% to reach $194.60 billion in 2016, making up 35.3% of total media ad spending. By 2020, spending will top $335 billion and represent over 46% of total media ad investment.
Mobile internet ad spending will drive digital media’s gains throughout the forecast period. In 2016, mobile will for the first time account for more than half of digital ad investment and almost 20% of total ad spending. By 2020, mobile’s share will climb to 73.7% of digital and 34.2% of total media ad investment.

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