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We offer content creators a real opportunity to display their work and earn revenue and we provide advertisers with the capability grow their business as well as directly engage consumers of color, all while offering viewers streaming content that shows people of color in a non-stereotypical and positive light.


We have over 8,000 pieces of content across 24 channels and are viewed by over 1.5 million daily viewers around the world and we have grown to become the largest African-American owned streaming network in the world.


We offer training in Media Arts, & Technology, which includes an Art and Literacy Integration Program and a Summer-Bridge Reading Program that's offered through our partnership with WAV/Project-WAV.

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If you want to learn more about us, you’re in the right place. Learn how we managed to grow our business so fast.

Black on Purpose Television Network (BOP TV) is a streaming television platform.

The company provides users with streaming content, enables content creators to build and monetize audiences and provides advertisers with the capability to directly engage consumers of color.

 Started in 2013, BOP TV streams over 8,000 pieces of content (across 24 channels) to 4.5 million daily viewers around the world and has grown to become the largest African-American owned streaming network in the world.
The network can be seen on all major streaming devices including Roku, Blu Ray Players, Amazon Fire Stick and Smart TV’s worldwide.

Channels range from Arts & Entertainment, History & Culture, Kids & Teens, Education, Food & Nutrition, Health and so much more. 

Content creators of color seldom have an opportunity for their content to be seen because the industry has historically offered them little opportunity… particularly for positive content free of stereotypes.
The industry offers unlimited opportunity for false negative images to be recycled constantly within the media which has lead to years of negative programming that has destroyed lives.
This lack of opportunity and diversity has allowed Black on Purpose Television To be come the world wide leader in attracting the 1.4 trillion dollars of African – American spending.
This is revenue undervalued and left virtually untouched…. Providing us with an incredible opportunity for growth.


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