Diversity Partnership Program

BOP TV DIVERSITY Partnership Program

The BOP TV Diversity Program Program Encourages Relationships That Grow Diversity in Companies Seeking to benefit from diversity and increase their profitability. Join the list of companies that Partner with us .

"Growing diversity is an important part of our company. BOP TV has been an amazing partner.."
Susan Delaney

It’s good for business.

Companies that embrace diversity gain higher market share and a competitive edge in accessing new markets – a ‘diversity dividend’ first quantified in a recent study by the Center for Talent Innovation (CTI). Business leaders increasingly recognise this. In our most recent 18th Annual Global CEO Survey, 85% of the CEOs we surveyed whose companies have a formal diversity and inclusiveness strategy said it’s improved their bottom line.

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Diversity and inclusion bring us all opportunities to learn from others and grow.

By working with people from different backgrounds and with different experiences and working styles, we learn and get another view.  Diverse views make for better decisions, and thus drive a high-performance culture.

In my mind, the benefits of diversity are clear and unarguable. But this does not mean that embracing diversity is always easy. That’s why we all need to show leadership and hold ourselves to account.

no matter where they sit – understands three things. First, our business case for diversity. Second, that it’s a priority for global and local leadership. And third, what he or she can personally do to become even more inclusive. 

Diversity is a journey – and we don’t kid ourselves that we’re near our destination yet. But we’ll keep raising the pace, energized by the fact that this is a business-critical journey that is also the right thing to do for our business, our people and our communities

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Diversity and inclusivity in marketing and advertising campaigns can win big.

The world as depicted through marketing and advertising should be the world that your audience relates to and sees themselves in – and for most people, it’s a kaleidoscopic tapestry of colour, size, race and age. Earlier this year, Mars’ VP of marketing Michele Oliver urged brands to stop seeing diversity as an afterthought: following its diversity-focused campaigns for Maltesers, the brand grew by a huge 8%. From a business perspective, Oliver said it was the single most successful campaign for a Mars brand in “at least a decade”.

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Diversity and inclusion are quite simply the right thing to do

It’s about creating equal opportunities for everyone – and we can all see minute signs of progress. But the statistics make it equally clear that there’s still a long way to go.I 

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Make a Difference

We at BOP TV make it easier to grow diversity in ways you may have never considered.

Diversity is a solution to a problem, not the problem itself.